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Custody of your cryptocurrencies

Your cryptocurrencies once deposited are governed by ZaynFi's audited Smart Contracts.
These Smart Contracts allow only limited movements of your funds between the liquidity pools within our strategies and selected Decentralized Exchanges for when a swap is required to move to a new liquidity pool.
At no point are your cryptocurrencies held by ZaynFi or its team.
Your crypto is never locked away from you in any Vault on ZaynFi; you can always withdraw money whenever you want.
DeFi applications are unique in that they are permissionless and trustless. This means that anyone with a supported wallet can interact without the need for a trusted intermediary. Users have full control over their cryptocurrencies while the funds are in the vaults.
We have also implemented a 48-hour time lock on our Strategy contracts for your confidence.
Last modified 15d ago