How to earn with ZaynFi?

Quick Vaults & Other Stablecoin Vaults

After you have successfully connected your wallet, you will be able to access the respective Vault pages.

You have a choice of depositing stablecoins & earning yields on the Quick Vault or Other Stablecoin Vaults.

What is the difference between a Quick Vault & Other Stablecoin Vault?

Quick Vault

Tl;dr: ZaynFi does all the hard work for you to keep earning top Stablecoin yields on Base or BSC. All you need to do is to make a single deposit into a Quick Vault.

Quick Vault allows you to deposit a single major stablecoin (a few are supported) then it automatically swaps your deposited stablecoin into the target stablecoin(s) required by the target Liquidity Pool at a selected DEX where you will be generating your LP Token. The vault then automatically farms your newly obtained LP Token in the StableBase farm, earning the DEX's native token. Earned tokens are swapped & deposited for more LP Tokens and farmed for you to expand your capital base & maximize your yields via auto-compounding.

From time-to-time the ZaynFi Quick Vault will redirect & reallocate your stablecoin deposits to new Stablecoin Liquidity Pool & Farms across top DEXs on the same chain for improved yields without compromizing on security of your deposits.

Other Specific Stablecoin Vaults

If you scroll down the ZaynFi landing page you will see a number of Vaults tied to a specific pool.

The Specific Stablecoin Vaults are always tied to the same liquidity pool & farm on a chosen DEX. It makes Yield Farming into the respective pools much simpler with only one deposit on your side.

The Specific Stablecoin Vaults takes care of adding liquidity, farming LP Token, collecting rewards & converting reward tokens to get more LP Tokens, helping you auto-compound daily.


If you do not want to spend too much time thinking and personally managing your stablecoin allocations to consistently earn top, secure yields on Base or BSC, the Quick Vault may be for you.

If you have specific stablecoins, DEXs, or Liquidity Pools you want to always be in then you may deposit in any of the Specific Stablecoin Vaults.

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