❓What is the 'Stablecoins' ZaynFi Vault about?

This vault is created for users with low tolerance towards the volatility of cryptocurrencies in general. Stablecoins as we know it tracks a real world currency like the US Dollar with assets backing the issuance of the units of most of the major stablecoins.

By depositing your cryptocurrencies in the Stablecoins Vault, you are essentially staying within the Cash (USD) asset class while participating in yield-generating activities on DeFi passively.

That way, you are not exposed to the volatility of most cryptocurrencies which are not pegged to the US Dollar. These are the general cryptocurrencies or altcoins where you see big price swings.

By depositing Stablecoins and reducing your exposure to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, you can generate yields higher than those obtained through banks' savings accounts, this could be an apt strategy for the volatile times we are facing today.

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